How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows 7, 8 or 10 step by step

How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and setup Ruby on Rails in windows step by step with a screenshot.

What is Ruby on RailsRuby on Rails installation is a very simple and easy, focus all the steps carefully. In our previous post What is Ruby on Rails you can learn more about Ruby on Rails.

Install Ruby on Rails:

Step-1 (Screenshot-1) Open your browser and go to , Once your page loaded scroll down and download windows ruby package. Select which you want, such as i downloaded “WINDOWS RUBY 2.3”.


Step-2 (Screenshot-2) When your download will be completed then click run and you will see this window.↓ accept the licenses and click on “Next >” button.


Step-3 (Screenshot-3) After step-2 you will see this window ↓. Now click on “Install” button.


Step-4 (Screenshot-4) After step-3 you will see that rails installer running. please wait it will take few minutes.


Step-5 (Screenshot-5) Once installation complete you will see this window↓. click on “Finish” button.


Step-6 (Screenshot-6) Now all setup get ready on your computer. Now you will see a cmd is open and it will ask for your name, type your name and click enter.


Step-7 (Screenshot-7) Now it will ask your email, type your email and click enter.


Step-8 (Screenshot-8) Now you will see this window↓


Step-9 Now we will update bundler by running “gem install bundler”.

gem install bundler

now you will see this (Screenshot-9)window↓ this is for firewall permission access. click on “Allow access” button.


Step-10 (Screenshot-10) Now you will see this ↓ in cmd.


Step-11 (Screenshot-11) Now we will verify rails installed by typing “rails -v” and click enter. mine is 5.0.1

rails -v


Note:  Basically some times problems occurs, such as when you type ‘rails -v’ then cmd says sometimes “The system cannot find the path specified.” This problems occurs when you have multiple path of RoR or any other version or you were trying to install RoR again, so solution is here .  If cmd shows your rails version like mine then ignore this.

Step-12 (Screenshot-12) Now we can generate test application by running “rails new hello_coderhold ” and click enter. You can create any other name such as hello_world or any other.

rails new hello_coderhold


Step-13 (Screenshot-13) When all running command completed then type “cd hello_coderhold”  and click enter, means it opens hello_coderhold directory.

cd hello_coderhold


Step-14 (Screenshot-14) Now type “bundler exec rails server” and click enter.

bundler exec rails server


Now will see this window (Screenshot-15)↓


Step-15 (Screenshot-16) After step-14 we can verify that rails server is running by going into browser and type “http://localhost:3000”, and you will see Yay! You’re on Rails! this window↓

How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows


Congratulations!  You nailed it.  Now you have configured Ruby on Rails correctly.  If you face any difficulty implementing it in your pc or laptop, then you can contact to our developers team or you can post your queries in comments section. Now you have the basic idea on How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows 7, 8 or 10 step by step. Good luck with your project!

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